How to configure triggers for operations

Triggers for operations are a powerful tool for implementing your business-processes.
To each operation, you can link up your set of triggers, which will run at the time of execution of operation. Triggers can be of three types: first types are executed before the basic operations (immediately before the execution of operation and change in the state of task), others — in place of the basic action and third ones — after the execution of the action. On one action, in this way, you can assign not more than three triggers. Creation of triggers have been described in detail in the respective documentation section.
For the purpose of assigning the trigger for the operation, go to the page of this operation from the list of operations, and thereafter — to the tab "Triggers".

If in the system, triggers of a particular type are found, they will be displayed for selection. If there are no triggers of that type, selection field will not appear.
After selecting the required triggers, press the button "Save".