Time Tracking in TrackStudio

Using TrackStudio, you can track the time, spent on solving the task, and the working time of your subordinates.
TrackStudio doesn’t track the activity of users and doesn’t take the screenshots. Users themselves calculate the time spent on solving the task and enter it while executing the next operation at the task. For example,

  • The user updates the task and wants to reflect this in the system. Thus he executes the operation “resolve”, changes the assignee to tester, adds the notes and enters the time spent on the task (e.g. 1 hour 20 minutes).

Project management and issue tracking

There are huge number of project management and issue tracking systems available in the market, but users (and vendors) often arbitrarily use these terms, which erodes the difference between these notions. This may give rise to questions like:

  • is it possible to use MS Project for managing the software development
  • is it possible to use TrackStudio instead of MS Project
  • which is better – MS Project or TrackStudio
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