How to define resolutions set

Resolutions can be used for indicating the standard reasons for executing the operations. For example, the task can be closed with the resolutions "updated", "expired", "not copied" and like. Resolution can be specified for the operation at the time of its execution by selecting the required one from the dropdown list. In doing so, the resolution will also be fixed for the task, to which the operation belongs.

So as to define the resolution, open the operation page, by pressing the link in the list of operations and select the tab "Resolutions List". Thereafter press the button "Create Resolution" in the bar.

In the window that opens, enter the name of the resolution. You can also set the flag "Default" — then the given resolution will automatically be selected while executing the operation. Press the button "Save"

So as change the name of the resolution, click on the icon in the list of resolutions. In the form that opens, enter the new name of resolution.

So as to delete the resolution, select it in the list and press the button "Delete" below in the form.