System Requirements

System requirements for TrackStudio Enterprise
Full version of system includes all the necessary components. Installation of additional software is not required.

System Requirements for TrackStudio Enterprise are listed below:

Component Requirements
Server Configuration Minimum Configuration:

Pentium 4 or equivalent, 1 GHz or more, 1 GB RAM;   1 GB of free disk space
Recommended configuration:
Core 2 Duo or equivalent, 1.5 GHz or more, 2 GB RAM;   2 GB of free disk space
Server Operating System Any of the following:
Microsoft Windows
Oracle Solaris
DBMS Any of the following:
MS SQL Server 2000 SP3, 2005, 2008
Firebird 2.0 (Download)
PostgreSQL 9.3 (Download)
HSQLDB[Supplied with TrackStudio Enterprise]
MySQL 4.1

Warning: MySQL 5.x is not supported. Recovery of corrupt MySQL 5.x databases may be done on payment basis. Prices are mentioned in the section Custom Development
Application Server / Web-server Any of the following:
Tomcat 7.x (Download)
Jetty 6.x [Supplied with TrackStudio Enterprise]
JDK Oracle JDK 1.7.x [Supplied with TrackStudio Enterprise]
Browser Any of the following:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0+
Firefox 23.0 3.5+
Google Chrome 28.0+
Opera 12.0+
(SCM)  Source Code Management Systems

Any of the following:
CVS 1.1
Subversion 1.6
LDAP Integration

Any of the following:
Active Directory
OpenLDAP 2.4.x