Five Key Benefits

TrackStudio is a generic issue tracking system designed to manage large numbers of tasks such as issues, problems, change requests, and so on. The following key benefits explain the advantages of TrackStudio over its competitors:

1 TrackStudio's support of Work Breakdown Structure gives the user the ability to manage large task hierarchies effectively.
Your efficiency and ability to manage complex tasks increases when you divide these tasks into simpler ones, and in turn break these into still smaller parts. To do this effectively your issue management system should support task hierarchy. Although complete support for task hierarchy is beneficial, the complexities involved make it a feature offered by very few issue tracking systems. Most issue tracking systems only provide categorization of tasks in the database.
2 TrackStudio supports an Organizational Breakdown Structure and gives companies the ability to effectively manage large groups of users, whether they are staff or customers.
Many companies use matrix project management. However, for fully functioning support of matrix project management a department and user hierarchy is required. Unfortunately, until TrackStudio came along, issue tracking software often lacked this feature, and did not allow the experience of using the system successfully in one department to flow into the whole organization. It is also nearly impossible to manage a simple list consisting of 500 or more staff and customers with the user-management techniques of most systems.
3 TrackStudio allows companies to maintain unified project management standards, while taking into account the peculiarities of individual projects at the same time. TrackStudio allows inheritance of project structures, and provides the ability to customize them to suit the particular needs of individual teams and departments.
When your company has a number of projects on hand, the needs of the various projects can often be subtly different. Very few systems support full, project-specific customization of the issue tracking process. TrackStudio is one of the few capable of creating custom fields, item filters, workflows, or e-mail notification rules for particular project groups, projects or even issue.
4 TrackStudio allows you to reduce the maintenance cost of managing a large number of projects and lowers the security risks.
Protection and access control are increasingly given top priority in security conscious companies. TrackStudio has a unique security subsystem which allows a project manager unlimited control over his or her own project options, while remaining unaware of the existence of other projects, their users, workflows, user groups, or custom fields.
5 TrackStudio makes maintaining your business worldwide possible.
We realize that in a worldwide business it is crucial for an issue management system to support localization, internationalization, various character encodings, and time zones. We understand that supporting various browsers, operating systems, application servers, and database management systems is also important. To provide you with a flawless issue management system, each TrackStudio release is tested on many different operational systems, DBMSs, application servers, and major browsers.