How to add custom fields in Tasks

In TrackStudio, with the help of custom fields you can store specific information about your tasks in structure form. Custom fields can be attached to tasks, users, or to workflows.

The fields, attached to tasks or users, apply to analogous entities (sub-tasks or subordinate users) lower in the hierarchy. The fields, attached to workflows, apply only to tasks, corresponding to the workflow (in this case the tasks can be of different categories).

Types of fields

In TrackStudio there are a total of 10 types of custom fields. For all types of custom fields in TrackStudio there are several defined properties, which affect their behavior and presentation.

Every field has a heading. It is displayed on the form of editing of task or user, on the view page of task or user, in lists and in reports. Name of the workflow is also displayed in round brackets in the headings of fields, determined for workflows. (This must be taken into consideration e.g. while writing programs for scripts and triggers).

For every field you can indicate whether it is required or not. System will compel the users to fill all the required fields. For replacing the values by default you can indicate it in the respective entry field.

You can indicate the sequence of display of fields on the form. It must be taken into consideration that for the same task custom fields can be defined at different levels (and by different users). If you indicate number 1 in the sequence, it does not necessarily mean that your field will be at top in the list.

All custom fields in TrackStudio can be made computable . Calculated values for the fields are written to the database only in that case if flag for caching of calculated values is enabled in the field settings. In this case for any presentation, the value of field will be taken from cache until the task has not been changed (by editing, addition of operation or by trigger). If your script uses external data for computation, e.g. current data and time, or data from other database, it is better not to enable such a flag.

Field type Return type Note
String String
Integer Integer
Date Calendar
List Contained in trackstudio.jar. Constructor Pair(String key, String value)
Fraction Double
Text String
Multiple List List<Pair> Contained in trackstudio.jar
Task List<String> List of task id’s
User List<String> List of user id’s
URL com.trackstudio.containers.Link Contained in trackstudio.jar. Constructor Link(String link, String description)

Setting of user control access to fields, attached to tasks.

Setting of user control access to fields, attached to workflows.

How to make custom field computable