How to Make the Value of Custom Field Computable

Values of the custom fields in TrackStudio can not only be set manually, but they can be computed automatically. They can either be computed every time, when the value is displayed, or cached and computed only in case of change in the task properties.

Values of task custom fields can be calculated with the help of scripts, and particularly the scripts, corresponding to the interface

There are a total of 10 types of custom fields in TrackStudio:

Type of field Return type Remarks
String String
Whole number Integer
Date Calendar
List Contained in trackstudio.jar. Constructor Pair(String key, String value)
Fraction Double
Text String
Multiple List List<Pair> Contained in trackstudio.jar
Task List<String> List of task id
User List<String> List of user id
URL com.trackstudio.containers.Link Contained in trackstudio.jar. Constructor Link(String link, String description)

Examples of Scripts