TrackStudio 4.0.9

REST API has been implemented. Tracking of field changes when the task is edited. Ukrainian localization.

What is new:

  • Feature for building user workload report has been added with the possibility of breakdown into projects.
  • For operations like cut/paste, now permission for creating the task is not required.
  • Tracking of changes in tasks has been implemented. So as to enable tacking, in the process you need to add the operation with the name “*”, permissions can be any (arbitrary).
  • Processing of lookup-scripts has been made faster..
  • REST API has been implemented for reading the information about tasks.
  • Localization in Ukrainian has been added along with a demo-base in this language.

Correction of errors:

  • Issue with report generation in Tomcat 7 has been solved.
  • Problem with display of group in the section Last Operation has been corrected.
  • Problem with search of users in LDAP has been corrected.
  • Problems with the display of ‘heading’ in IE have been corrected.
  • Problem with the search of active users has been solved.
  • Problems while starting TrackStudio from Server Manager have been solved.
  • Issue related to building of List report has been solved.
  • Problem with Illegal group reference has been removed.
  • Problems with deletion of tasks have been solved.
  • Problems with assigning of permissions to custom-fields have been solved.