Log4j zero-day flaw

A flaw in Log4j, a Java library for logging error messages in applications, is the most high-profile security vulnerability on the internet right now and comes with a severity score of 10 out of 10.

Any device that's exposed to the internet is at risk if it's running Apache Log4J, versions 2.0 to 2.14.1.

TrackStudio/jetty uses an older log4j version, which is not affected. An immediate upgrade is not required.

TrackStudio 5.5.0 has been released

What's new:

  • Now you can change tree nodes view depending on condition.
  • Now you can filter tasks by implicit dates.
  • Now you can change an emergency announcement view.
  • Now you can use TrackStudio as a video service.

TrackStudio 5.0.7

What's new:

  • Task scheduler settings can be changed runtime now.
  • Problem with too long attachemnt file name has been fixed.
  • Java version checks has been added.

TrackStudio 5.0.6

    What's new
    • Major performance and stability improvements under high load.
    • Fixed the plain text e-mail notification issue.
    • Git integration now supports multiple branches.

TrackStudio 5.0.5 has been released

What's New

  • Added ability for a mass file attachment.
  • Word length in search has been increased.
  • Added ability for getting message audit in mail service.
  • Added ability for defining a category for the new task in lookup script.

TrackStudio 5.0.4 has been released

What's New

  • Added ability to hide custom fields in edit mode using CSS.
  • Added ability to disable commentary creating from e-mail import.
  • Added sorting for subtask filter macro.
  • Button for code tag was added to tinyMCE editor.
  • Added ability for import/export configuration in dbtool.
  • Added option to disable stack trace display in web-interface.

Released TrackStudio 5.0.2

What's New

  • Added an option for hiding "Other filters" button.
  • Added ability for deleting attachments for tasks in initial state if you are submitter.
  • Extended registration templates.
  • Added a hint for task custom field value.
  • Added check for lookup scripts existence.
  • Added an option for restricting to create tasks from commentary.
  • Added an option for editing preview images size.
  • Added search for multivalues list custom field
  • Added supported protocols in properties.

TrackStudio 5.0 has been released

Warning: configuration files has been changed in this release, please use sman to configure DBMS/SMTP/POP3/IMAP/SCM connectivity

In this release we have rewritten system kernel to improve kernel concurrency and multi-thread performance. Many other minor improvements and bug fixes has been added.

Released TrackStudio 4.0.18

What's New

  • We added a setting for the number of blocks in "see also" case.
  • TrackStudio was optimized.
  • A few logoutURL settings were added.
  • We added an option for disable connection with google for isolated systems.
  • Now you can notify users using a CC custom field.
  • Now we support CC/BCC/REPLY/FROM settings in user e-mail templates.
  • We added an ExternalTaskLink macro. It makes links for tasks on another TS servers.
  • Macro panel was added to a HTML editor.
  • A jabber template setting was added.
  • Released TrackStudio 4.0.17

    What's New

  • Added a new feature for notification unregistred users which is executed when task is created/updated.
  • Added a new tab to Server Manager for configurating and testing jabber settings.
  • Added a task view selector.
  • Added UDFViewMacro for UDF view in document type.
  • Added a browser of notification templates.
  • Added a regular expressions test for import rules.
  • Extended audit trail - you can see info about attechments(add, delete).
  • Now you can choose a role as handler for the task,
  • Added mailto links for tasks that have been imported by forwarding.
  • Added a new feature for identification TrackStudio version.
  • Syndicate content