TrackStudio 4.0.7

New version of TrackStudio now has the support for anonymous users, you can now create a dashboard, and there is the support for Bazaar also.


  • Anonymous access to TrackStudio has been implemented. If you want to allow anonymous access to your copy of TrackStudio, then create the user with login anonymous and assign him the access permissions.
  • Support for Bazaar has been implemented.
  • Appearance of the application has been changed: icons have been changed, heading of the task is fixed at the time of scrolling, and logo of the company can be inserted.
  • In TrackStudio you can configure the template of the mail, which is sent to the user at the time of creating new account. If you don’t need to send the notification, just remove the template.
  • There is support for uploading the files in TrackStudio through Drag&Drop.
  • Now, you can create Dashboard in TrackStudio
  • New macros:

    #number – reference with complete path.

    ##number – reference with name.

    #number{filter:name_filter} – filter table.

    #number{filter:name_filter|num:count} – filter table, number count.
  • Button for resetting the password root has been added in Server Manager

Rectification of errors:

  • Problems with display of custom fields have been resolved.
  • Problem with updating of tree at the time of transfer of users has been rectified.
  • Problem with writing of files with % in the name has been rectified.
  • Possible wastage of memory while processing the images has been eliminated.
  • Problem with display of trend report has been taken care of.
  • Problem with trimming of names of tasks in the tree has been rectified.
  • Problem with processing of XSLT at the time of accessing the forward reference report has been rectified.
  • Problems with search and sorting on multiple fields have been rectified.