TrackStudio 4.0.6

With TrackStudio 4.0.6 now you can not only manage the tasks but the documents also.

New features:

  • Now in the category of task it is possible to indicate whether the task of this type is a general task, document or an archive for files. This feature allows using TrackStudio as a base for knowledge or storage of documents. All the standard features of TrackStudio are available for documents: access management, search, filtering, editing, references to the tasks and so on.
  • New type of reporting has been implemented – Gantt chart
  • New type of reporting has been implemented – code_swarm
  • Integration with Google Calendar has been implemented. Individual calendars for each project are supported.
  • Now you can get access to the attached files in before-trigger when message is imported through email.
  • Editor of custom fields of type List has been improved

Following errors have been rectified:

  • Problem with NullPointerException while saving the filter has been rectified
  • References to the files in RSS have been rectified.
  • Different issues in CSV Import Tool have been resolved.
  • Problem while running TrackStudio in Tomcat 7 has been rectified.
  • Different problems in LDAP have been rectified.
  • Download speed of attached files has been improved.
  • Series of problems, which could lead to “hanging” of TrackStudio, have been resolved.
  • Different issues related to sorting of fields have been taken care of.
  • Problem with defective email notification has been rectified.
  • Problem with cloning of fields in reports has been rectified.
  • Different problems related to XML-reports have been rectified.
  • Problem with manipulating the permissions at the time of editing the custom fields has been resolved.
  • Sorting of attachments as per date has been rectified.
  • Problems with updating of filters from version 3.5 have been rectified.