TrackStudio 4.0.5

TrackStudio 4.0.5 has been launched.


  • Speeds of search and task indexing have increased significantly;
  • Separate permissions have been implemented for removal of attachments and for own attachments;
  • Multiple improvements in CSV Import Manager;
  • By default, settings of TrackStudio are now stored in default files. Only changes in settings w.r.t. default settings are stored in properties files. This will significantly simplify the update of TrackStudio, now it would be sufficient to copy only config files while updating.
    Note. While updating to 4.0.5, it is recommended to set the TrackStudio directly through Server Manager.
  • Improved LDAP import;
  • Now, multiple Base DN can be indicated in the LDAP settings using semicolon as separator;
  • Compiled scripts can now be wrapped into .jar and saved in WEB-INF/lib;
  • Roles of users are now displayed in the list assignee;
  • Availability of attachments in the task can now be checked in before-trigger:

Elimination of errors:

  • Error during transfer of tasks has been eliminated;
  • Few problems with visual design of application have been solved;
  • Issue related to character encoding in search results has been solved;
  • Errors related to xml/csv- reports have been corrected;
  • AccessDeniedException during update of task has been eliminated;
  • Few problems related to user registration rules have been eliminated;/li>
  • Issue related to input of fractions in budgets has been corrected.