TrackStudio 4.0.11

In TrackStudio 4.0.11, performance has been improved besides removing small errors. Beta support for Git and Mercurial has been added, and we have moved on to GitHub.


  • Script browser has been implemented thereby enabling quick view of which scripts are used in the project, and where.
  • Performance has been improved considerably, particularly for multi-user works.
  • Beta support for Mercurial and Git has been added.
  • Display format for tasks list in description has been changed (e.g. like in #10).
  • While pointing to submitter/assignee of a task, his username and e-mail get displayed.
  • Now when you import mails from users, only their e-mails are checked and names of the users are ignored.
  • We have now shifted from local SVN to GitHub. We can now open access to repository for owners with original license Global with Source.

The errors that have been done away with:

  • Issues related to integration with Google Calendar have been resolved.
  • Problems with display of field like Memo, Task, User have been taken care of.
  • Problem with display of quotes and commas in custom fields such as Multi-list has been corrected.
  • Search bar adjacent to custom-field like List has been removed.
  • Problems with links to local images in the editor have been resolved..
  • Problem with loading of SOAP attachments has been resolved.
  • Problem with reset of Deadline while adding message has been corrected.
  • Issue related to creation of database through dbtool in Linux has been resolved.
  • NPE while adding the message has been resolved. The problem used to occur when audit was enabled.