TrackStudio 4.0.10

Grouping in List report has been implemented. Console App dbtool for import/export of database


  • Console app dbtool has been implemented for import/export of database.
  • Jetty has been updated, now NIO can be used.
  • Display format of List report has been significantly improved, data can now be grouped.

Errors corrected:

  • Problem with retention of network interface in server manager has been solved.
  • Display of tasks and documents audit has been significantly improved.
  • Problem with migration of attachments from TrackStudio 3.5 has been resolved.
  • Different problems associated with mail notifications have been sorted out (templates need to be updated).
  • Only last 50 entries are now displayed in RSS.
  • Problem with authorization through SOAP has been corrected.
  • Display format of budget and spent time has been changed in CSV/XML reports.
  • Number of issues associated with display of tasks tree have been resolved.
  • Many other minor issues in TrackStudio interface have been resolved.