Requirements Management

Requirements Management is one of the most important parts of development process. If requirements are not properly formulated, then as a rule, it is practically impossible to organize the work on project, and also one won’t be able to understand and implement the exact needs of client.

Main purpose of Requirement Management is to make the client and development team completely agree about the requirements, raised for the development project of software.

  1. Achieving the complete structure of requirements..
  2. Getting a clear picture about the functions of system.
  3. Getting the interrelations of requirements and development management.
  4. Improvement in the process of planning and risk estimation.
  5. Reduction in adaptation time of any new employee..
  6. Agreeing upon the requirements.

Technical description and set of test documents are prepared for each requirement.
During the entire duration of project development, strict control is maintained for conformity to the requirements.