How to Filter the Tasks

So as to streamline the tasks in the list and sort out the unnecessary ones, you and your users require a set of predefined filters for tasks. Filter for tasks can be created using several methods. Generally, one may go to the page of filters through the menu item Tasks Management » Filters List . You will notice that the filters are connected to the project and apply to the sub-tasks of the project downwards in the hierarchy. This means that the filters, created for the root task, will be visible in all the projects of TrackStudio.

Press the button Add Filter in the toolbar. In the page that appears, fill the main properties of the filter. Select the fields, which will be displayed in the list of tasks, processed by this filter. After button « Save » is pressed, a window will appear for setting all the parameters of the filter.

There is one more method: go to the list of tasks in the required project. Select any filter in the toolbar of Tasks List. Press the Filter Parameters, and with the help of drop down list select the required filters one by one by filling the input field and saving the selection by pressing the button Set.

Then press the button Apply and see that you have got the results you wanted. If setting of filter is finished, press the button Save as Filter. These parameters will be saved in the new filter, and you will just need to change its name.