How to change the States List in a Task

List of states in the task is determined by its Workflow. Go to the menu item Task Management » Workflows . From the list select the required workflow and click on the tab States List

So as to create a new state of the task, click on the button Create State on the toolbar of States List

You can create several states at once by placing them one by one in a row in the input field.

Just creating a state is not enough. For the purpose of making it usable, it has to be built in the existing transitions between the states, as the transitions between the states in TrackStudio are executed with the help of operations. It would be better for us to create a new type of operation (this is not mandatory, we can build the transition in the already existing operations, but in this case it would be better to create a new type).

Go to the tab Operations and press the button Add Operation in the tool bar.

After creating the operation, go to its properties page. Its parameters like Resolutions List, Transitions List, Triggers, Operation Permissions and Custom Fields Permissions can be set there. First of all, we are interested in Transitions List.

Then, in the form select the start and final states of the task in this operation. For example, from New to Reserved (Marked).

One transition can change many states into several other states (or into one other), but from one state transition is possible into only one other state, or into the same state.

After the creation of transition, you can similarly set the parameters of permissions. By default, this transition is available to all the users for execution who have access to the task. You can limit the execution of operation as well as its viewing (For hiding the internal correspondence with the client or, otherwise, between the developers).