Installing on Windows

We are releasing TrackStudio Enterprise in two versions: Standalone - for servers with graphical user interface and WAR - for servers without a graphical environment.

Standalone release comes with an utility Server Manager, helping to configure and run TrackStudio. The bundle also includes an application server jetty, the email server jes and DBMS Hypersonic SQL. This bundle actually works out of the box, so you can start the installation immediately TrackStudio without adjustment to become familiar with the system.
Also Server Manager helps you to export and import data from the database. (In TrackStudio 4.0.10 you can also use a console utility dbtool.)

At the trial stage of we recommend to use a Standalone version.

WAR version is made to run under Tomcat application server. It contains non-compiled JSP. This version configures by editing properties files. You can also copy pre-configured properties files from Server Manager from another machine.