Configuring NTLM Authentication

For authentication of users through NTLM: 

  1. Login as Administrator in Microsoft Windows .
  2. Run Configure Your Server (Server configuration). ( Control panel/Administrative Tools/Sever Configuration ).
  3. If required, configure the service DHCP on the tab Networking/DHCP.
  4. If required, configure the DNS on the tab Networking/ DNS.
  5. Configure domain controller on the tab Active Directory.
  6. Use Windows Components Wizard for installing WINS.
  7. Include NTLM in the file

trackstudio.useNTLM yes

  1. Indicate the domain name and WINS Address in

jcifs.smb.client.domain=WORKGROUP jcifs.netbios.wins=

  1. Press the button Check Connection

How it works: If trackstudio.useNTLM is set to yes, TrackStudio will use NTLM for user authentication. This authentication scheme allows saving the data about user authentication using WINS service, and therefore relieves the users to enter the login and password every time they logon TrackStudio from the same workplace.


  • NTLM uses WINS and DNS services, therefore your network must have host, configured as Windows Domain Controller. Domain controller can be set only in server versions of Windows OS.
  • If you are using NTLM authentication, you need to create the login account. Moreover, login must be the same as the login in Windows.