Using TrackStudio as video service

In TrackStudio 5.5.0 version was added a capability to use TrackStudio as video service.
Now you can add you video files to tasks and comments. You can watch the video in a fully functional player with rewind, select playback speed, and volume adjustment functions.

How to add you video to a task.

  • First you need to upload your video file to any task. Video files can be stored in a task with "Container" type.
  • Use the macro to insert video to comment or task description

    task_number - number of task with uploaded video file.
    Also you can use Add Video option from Tools menu in editor to insert this macro

AttachmentId you can get from the attachment link


The video file with AttachmentId 8a80828f58f2efc20158f31b2763004e from task #124 will be inserted.