Custom field of type String


One string, being entered by the user


String is limited to a length of 1800 characters (by default the value is limited to 200 chracters) and corresponds to type String in Java. On edit form it is represented by an input string <INPUT type="text">, or, by an input string and drop down list when an alternative script is used.

While editing, for such a field one can use alternative script (Beanshell or Java), which will display possible options of field value, and the user will have to use either the offered options of alternative, or indicate his own choice. In the settings of this field, one can prohibit the user to enter his choice.


Field value of this type can be displayed as a simple text string, or as a string in HTML format. For protecting from XSS, you may display not all these HTML tags in the field, and you can not assign javascript events to the tags.
If value of the field is not assigned, or it corresponds to a blank string, neither the value, nor the heading of field will be displayed in the preview of task (user). Value of computable field is always assigned, but it may turn out to be empty.

Filtering and search of tasks

Note! Custom fields, attached to the tasks (users), are not reflected for filtering in filters, created at the levels above, where these fields have been defined. For example, with the help of filter “All tasks”, it is not possible to display and filter the tasks as per custom field, created at the second level of hierarchy.
So as to find the tasks as per custom field, you need to create a filter in the same task, where the field has been created, or in its sub-tasks. Best way is to simply copy the custom filter for it.

Filtering of tasks as per custom field of type String is implemented as per the conditions:

  • search for null value
  • search for concurrency
  • search for non-concurrency
  • search for values, starting from given string
  • search for values, containing the given string
  • search for conformity to standard expression