Using a console app dbtool for exporting and importing a database

In TrackStudio Enterprise 4.0.10 we added a console app dbtool export and import database. Now you can get an anonymized backup file without windows graphic environment.

It's very easy to use the application:

Attention! This app uses TrackStudio properties files for database connection parameters. Please, stop TrackStudio Server before use.
  1. Go to TrackStudio directory
  2. Type following in console
  3. dbtool export -a --file=export-a-20100129.xml

Now you got an anonymized export file.

To get export file with real data:

dbtool export --file=export-a-20100129.xml

To import you data into new database:

dbtool import --file=export-a-20100129.xml

To initialize default database:

dbtool import --file=./etc/resources/sql/LAST/en_def.xml