Connecting to PostgreSQL

  1. Run postmaster.
> postmaster -D ../data/ -i -h
  1. Create the database:
> createdb -E UNICODE -U postgres trackstudio
  1. Configure the properties of DBMS connection:
    • TrackStudio SA: On the tab Database , select PostgreSQL from DNMS list and edit the properties of JDBC connection
    • TrackStudio WAR: Edit the connection properties in the file
hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
hibernate.connection.url jdbc:postgresql://
hibernate.connection.driver_class org.postgresql.Driver
hibernate.connection.username postgres
hibernate.connection.password postgres
  1. Initialize the database:
    • TrackStudio SA: Press the button Create DB on the tab Database
    • TrackStudio WAR: Run the script sql\install\ru\trackstudio-pgsql.sql
> psql --user=postgres -d trackstudio -f trackstudio-pgsql.sql


  • For creating the backup of database:
> pg_dump -U postgres -Fc -Z9 trackstudio > trackstudio.dmp
  • For restoring the database:
> createdb -E UNICODE -U postgres trackstudio
> pg_restore -U postgres --disable-triggers -S postgres -d trackstudio trackstudio.dmp