Connecting to DB2

  1. Create user tablespace and temp system tablespace.
  2. Open the console.
  3. Establish connection to the database:
> db2 connect to <databasename> user <dbuser> using <password>
  1. Configure the DBMS connection properties:
    • TrackStudio SA: On the tab Database , select DB2 from the DBMS list and edit the JDBC connection properties.
    • TrackStudio WAR: Edit the connection properties in the file
hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.DB2Dialect
hibernate.connection.url jdbc:db2://
hibernate.connection.username db2admin
hibernate.connection.password db2admin
  1. Initialize the database:
    • TrackStudio SA: Press the button Create DB on the tab Database.
    • TrackStudio WAR: Run the script sql\install\ru\trackstudio-db2.sql:
> db2 -tvf trackstudio-db2.sql