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Why TrackStudio?

TrackStudio is different. TrackStudio is better.

Fully configurable workflows - any number of states and transitions means that you can create any number of workflows that mirror your business practices and that the application's use is only constrained by your imagination.

Hierarchical task tree - many tasks naturally comprise subtasks. TrackStudio allows any unlimited depth in the work breakdown structure (WBS) and can be configured to allow users to add and progress their own to-do items.

Multi-role support - in many companies different individuals have different roles depending on the project with which they are involved. TrackStudio supports working in a matrix managed environment.

Sophisticated permissions model - highly granular control over who can see and do what means that tasks can be shared with customers, contractors and third parties without compromising commercial or personal data.

High usability - the use of the same application for many different purposes within your organisation means that administrative and training costs are reduced as well as allowing users a consolidated view of the tasks assigned to them irrespective of the work area to which they relate.

Fast and scaleable design - tested and responsive with in-excess of 1 million tasks and 10,000 users the application is a genuine enterprise-wide solution.

Database and O/S independence - deploy on your platform of choice rather than be constrained by the requirements of the software.

Infinite number of up to 10 types of custom fields - meaning that you can associate with any task whatever types of data you want to have in a structured and queryable form.

Integration and extension capabilities - inbound and outgoing e-mail together with SOAP/REST make the application one that can easily be linked to other systems.


What's New

  • Added an option for hiding "Other filters" button.
  • Added ability for deleting attachments for tasks in initial state if you are submitter.
  • Extended registration templates.
  • Added a hint for task custom field value.
  • Added check for lookup scripts existence.
  • Added an option for restricting to create tasks from commentary.
  • Added an option for editing preview images size.
  • Added search for multivalues list custom field
  • Added supported protocols in properties.

Warning: configuration files has been changed in this release, please use sman to configure DBMS/SMTP/POP3/IMAP/SCM connectivity

In this release we have rewritten system kernel to improve kernel concurrency and multi-thread performance. Many other minor improvements and bug fixes has been added.

What's New

  • We added a setting for the number of blocks in "see also" case.
  • TrackStudio was optimized.
  • A few logoutURL settings were added.
  • We added an option for disable connection with google for isolated systems.
  • Now you can notify users using a CC custom field.
  • Now we support CC/BCC/REPLY/FROM settings in user e-mail templates.
  • We added an ExternalTaskLink macro. It makes links for tasks on another TS servers.
  • Macro panel was added to a HTML editor.
  • A jabber template setting was added.
  • What's New

  • Added a new feature for notification unregistred users which is executed when task is created/updated.
  • Added a new tab to Server Manager for configurating and testing jabber settings.
  • Added a task view selector.
  • Added UDFViewMacro for UDF view in document type.
  • Added a browser of notification templates.
  • Added a regular expressions test for import rules.
  • Extended audit trail - you can see info about attechments(add, delete).
  • Now you can choose a role as handler for the task,
  • Added mailto links for tasks that have been imported by forwarding.
  • Added a new feature for identification TrackStudio version.
  • Syndicate content