TrackStudio 4.0.15

JMX support has been added. Now you can paste screenshots from clipboard to a task or operation description. Performance has been improved and many bugs were fixed.

TrackStudio 4.0.14

Per-task chat has been added, many minor bugs were fixed.

TrackStudio 4.0.12

Support for IE9 and Opera 11 has been implemented besides rectification of other errors.

TrackStudio 4.0.11

In TrackStudio 4.0.11, performance has been improved besides removing small errors. Beta support for Git and Mercurial has been added, and we have moved on to GitHub.

TrackStudio 4.0.10

Grouping in List report has been implemented. Console App dbtool for import/export of database

TrackStudio 4.0.9

REST API has been implemented. Tracking of field changes when the task is edited. Ukrainian localization.

TrackStudio 4.0.8

TrackStudio 4.0.8 has been released

TrackStudio 4.0.7

New version of TrackStudio now has the support for anonymous users, you can now create a dashboard, and there is the support for Bazaar also.

TrackStudio 4.0.6

With TrackStudio 4.0.6 now you can not only manage the tasks but the documents also.

TrackStudio 4.0.5

TrackStudio 4.0.5 has been launched.

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