How to organise access to TrackStudio without registration

TrackStudio 4.0.8 has a new feature in which one can organize the anonymous (public) access for users without registering directly through the TrackStudio interface. Previously, this feature was available only in the interfaces of templates, which needed to be connected to the projects through already created user accounts. Now you can give unregistered users the required limited access to TrackStudio through web-interface or through SOAP API (REST API).

Anonymous access is implemented through special user with the role “Anonymous users”. You can manage the permissions of anonymous user in the same way as the permissions of other users: by setting the permissions for his role and directly for the user.

So that the anonymous users had access to some particular project, he must be given permission in the same manner as other users. At the same time you can freely use the mechanism for reassigning the roles. Public access to different projects can be organized differently.

So as to disable the public access to your copy, simply deactivate the anonymous user.