How to display the active task on the page

Active task is stored in the variable task. In the template, you can display the values of fields of the task such as:

{task.number} — task number
${} — task name
${} — task category
${} — current state of task
${} — resolution of task
${} — priority of task
${} — name of the submitter of task
${task.budgetAsString} — budget of the task
${task.actualBudgetAsString} — time spent
${DateFormatter.parse(task.submitdate)} — create time of task
${DateFormatter.parse(task.updatedate)} — update time of task
${DateFormatter.parse(task.closedate)} — close time of task(the task not in the final state does not have this value)
${DateFormatter.parse(task.deadline)} — deadline for completion of task

List of sub-tasks of the active task, filtered by the filter “My Tasks” can be obtained in the following manner:

<@std.subtasks localTask=task filter="My Tasks"; taskCollection>
<#list taskCollection as t>

Inside the iterator <#list/> it is advised to use the same variables, which are used for displaying the values of fields of one task.
The list of names of filters is accessible in the variablefilters

<#list filters as filter>