How to disable unnecessary users

In free version of TrackStudio, there is a limitation of having 5 active users in the system (and in Starter Kit –you have 10 users). If in the system you have created more users, than allowed by the license, you can disable the ones that you deem unnecessary.

For this purpose, you will need to:

  1. Login the system as administrator (or any other user, who has the permission to edit the account details of subordinates)
  2. Go to the account of the required user
  3. Open it for editing
  4. Unmark the checkbox " Active "
  5. Save the user settings

Inactive users can not log into the system and they can not be assigned the task, but all their details will remain in the system. In the same way they can again be activated later.
This feature is also useful in the situations when you sack somebody. Account of root user can not be deactivated.

We strongly recommend not to delete the accounts of users. It is always better to use deactivation instead of deletion.