Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part VI.

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Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part VI.

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Main Body Part VI.

The "Lady Panther" of Cartier Part III.

Jeanne Toussaint went home and cried, but in the end she chose the former. Jeanne Toussaint thought to herself: as long as she could stay in the Cartier company and see her beloved man from morning to night, as long as the two people really loved each other, the status and the wealth would be the external things that were not physically connected with themselves. Later, in order to cover the eyes and ears of other in public, Jeanne Toussaint married a baron, but she and Louis Cartier always did not completely cut off with each other in emotion. On the other hand, it was believed that, the Cartier family also put pressure on Louis Cartier, and soon arranged for him a second wife. In 1933, Louis Cartier went to Hungary to accompany his new wife. Before leaving, he officially appointed Jeanne Toussaint as the chief jewelry designer of Cartier (It is true that, the mind and trick of a rich, powerful family, are both deeper and wider than the sea......) ... UkkS7zAhXA

Panthère de Cartier Bracelet Replica, in 18K Pink Gold Plated, Double Panther

To Be Continued
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