Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part I.

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Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part I.

Postby xym » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:56 pm


The Cartier family played a trick to recruit Coco Chanel's close girlfriend in a male’s charm, and made her work for their jewelry empire for a lifetime!

She designed Panthère de Cartier replica( ... -c-16.html) series by herself, she is the “Lady Panther” of Cartier, she is the soul designer of Cartier jewelry replica( -- Jeanne Toussaint. She and the leader of the Cartier Jewelry Empire, loved and hated with each other, lingering for half a lifetime; at the same time, she also fell into the trap set by the Cartier family for a whole lifetime. . . . . . ... RnPGrzAhXA

Panthère de Cartier Bracelet Replica, in 18K Rose Gold Plated, with Diamonds

Main Body

The Daughter of a Rich Merchant Abandoned the Business in Pursuit of Her Dream of Design

In 1887, Jeanne Toussaint was born in a family of lace merchant in Brussels, Belgium. Although she didn’t come from a wealthy and influential clan, she was also a daughter of a rich family. Due to the family business, when she was a teenager, she went to Paris to do business with her parents. At that time, Europe was in a flourishing scene of prosperity. Paris, as the fashion trend center, and the romantic capital of all Europe, let this little girl in a budding beauty, fell in love with it all at once. ... RnQBLzAhXA

Panthère de Cartier Bracelet Replica, in 18K White Gold Plated, with Diamonds

To Be Continued
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