Common sense of selection of water ring vacuum pump

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Common sense of selection of water ring vacuum pump

Postby lay1014 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 10:38 am

Common sense of selection of water ring vacuum pump

1、 The type of pump is almost certain

The type of pump is mainly determined by the air volume, solid air or exhaust pressure required by the work.

When working on vacuum pump, we need to look forward to the following two aspects:

1. It is required to operate in the high efficiency area as far as possible, i.e. in the area with critical solid space or critical exhaust pressure.

2. Avoid operation near the maximum solid space or maximum exhaust pressure. The operation in this area is not only very inefficient, but also the work is very variable, so it is difficult to produce vibration and music. For the solid empty pump with high solid void, cavitation often occurs when it is running in this area. The more obvious sign of such phenomenon is that there is no music and vibration in the pump. Cavitation will cause damage to pump body, impeller and other parts, resulting in the pump can not work.

General knowledge of selection of water ring type solid air pump! According to the above criteria, when the required solid air degree or gas pressure of the pump is not high, the pump can be pulled out first. If the solid void degree or exhaust pressure is high, the single-stage pump is often unable to be full, or if the pump is required to be in a high solid void degree, there is still no large gas volume, that is, the function curve is required to be relatively flat when the solid void degree is high, so the two-stage pump can be selected. If the requirement of real air is more than - 710mmhg, water ring air pump or water ring roots solid air unit can be selected as the installation and removal of pumping solid air.

If it is only used for vacuum pump, it is better to use single pump than force. Because of the simple structure of single pump, the system and maintenance are difficult, and the cavitation resistance is good under the condition of high solid space. If it is only used for compressor with large air volume, the specific force of double used pump is suitable. Because of the large air volume, small volume and light weight of the double pump, the radial force can be automatically balanced, the shaft can not be difficult to suffer fatigue fracture, and the service life of the pump is long.

2、 Select the vacuum pump according to the air volume required by the system

After the preliminary selection of the pump type, for the vacuum pump, the pump model shall be selected according to the air volume required by the system. For the selection of pumping speed and calculation of pumping time of the real air pump, please refer to the formula of real air calculation.

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