Vacuum pumps in refrigeration equipment

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Vacuum pumps in refrigeration equipment

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Vacuum pumps in refrigeration equipment

When repairing air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, the repairman often uses a vacuum pump to evacuate the system. The vacuum should be -0.1MPa for 24 hours, and the vacuum can be increased without significant increase.

1. Structure and working principle of vacuum pump

A commonly used vacuum pump is a rotary vane vacuum pump, which is a mechanical pump sealed with a pump oil and has a structure.

It can be seen that the outer circle of the rotor is tangent to the inner surface of the pump cavity, and the rotary blade is installed in the rotor pick, and is always in close contact with the wall of the stator cavity under the action of the spring. When the eccentric rotor rotates under the drag of the motor, the rotor also rotates. When rotating clockwise, the suction port keeps inhaling gas. The intake cavity keeps expanding. At the same time, the exhaust cavity is getting smaller and smaller, and the gas that has been inhaled is completely compressed. The air pressure rises, and after reaching a certain pressure, the exhaust valve can be opened through the pump oil and discharged through the exhaust pipe. This continuous circulation can play the role of vacuum extraction.

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Selecting A Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump Model
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