Characteristics of the newly developed rotary vane vacuum pu

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Characteristics of the newly developed rotary vane vacuum pu

Postby lay1014 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:45 am

Characteristics of the newly developed rotary vane vacuum pump

The 2XZ type rotary vane vacuum pump newly developed by our company is a kind of vacuum pump equipment with mandatory oil prohibition, which solves the phenomenon of oil return and oil injection well before, and is recognized by the majority of users. This rotary vane vacuum pump has the following features:

1. Fully sealed structure

Direct coupled pump is the only rotary vane pump in the world that seals the motor in the oil tank. This structure will completely eliminate the possibility of shaft end leakage. At present, almost all rotary vane vacuum pumps in China have oil leakage problems.

2. Air ballast valve with air cushion adjustment

Air cushion is an effective means to eliminate pump noise, and the function of adjustable air cushion is considered in the structural design of the air ballast valve of the pump. An independent system on the air ballast valve can adjust the air volume of the air cushion. In the actual debugging, we obviously feel the importance of this structure to noise reduction.

3. The protection function of the pump is complete

The pump itself is equipped with the air release stop valve used when stopping the pump. The valve is a differential pressure valve controlled by a solenoid valve, and the electric energy required by the solenoid valve is provided by the generator of the motor. Thus, whether the motor moves or not determines whether the generator generates electricity, and thus whether the solenoid valve acts. In addition, the pump also has overload protection switch. Once the pump is stuck or overloaded, the motor current will rise abnormally, and the protection switch will automatically cut off the power supply. From the perspective of use, this function is very useful.

4. The scope of application of the pump is wide

Suitable for 50Hz, 60Hz and three-phase 220V, 380V power supply system. One of the reasons for the strong drainage steam capacity of the pump is that it can still maintain a high vacuum degree in the gas ballast, the other is that the oil temperature is high, and the oil temperature is above 80 ℃ in normal operation. With such a high oil temperature and an effective gas ballast, the drainage steam capacity of the pump is greatly improved. In particular, as long as synthetic oil is selected, the pump can become a halogen resistant vacuum pump.

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