How to adjust the capacity of vacuum unit in freeze drying p

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How to adjust the capacity of vacuum unit in freeze drying p

Postby lay1014 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:43 am

How to adjust the capacity of vacuum unit in freeze drying process

In the freeze-drying process, the commonly used vacuum equipment is the vacuum unit. The vacuum degree required by this process will be particularly high, and the extracted gas contains water vapor or condensable gas, so it is suitable for roots water ring vacuum unit.

In the specific use process, the total pressure in the drying box directly affects the heat exchange to the product and the water vapor quality conversion to the condenser, so it must be accurately controlled and measured.

By reducing the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump or shutting down the vacuum pump, the sublimated non condensable gas will gradually gather in the cold well, reducing the condensation speed of the cold well, so as to increase the pressure of the cold well and the drying oven. The method can increase the total pressure in the tank, improve the heat transfer conditions and the allowable temperature of the sublimation interface, and temporarily shut down the pump can also reduce the operating cost. The main disadvantage is that the measurement error of the conduction vacuum gauge is large, which may lead to uneven ice formation in the cold trap and even block the inlet.

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