Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part X.

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Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part X.

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One day in 1964, Pierre Cartier and Jeanne Toussaint were already two white-haired old people at this moment. Pierre Cartier told Jeanne Toussaint that, the car accident in that very year of 1942, was not an accident in fact! The mastermind was Louis Cartier's third brother, Jacques Cartier. His goal was Jeanne Toussaint, but he didn't expect Louis Cartier to be in the car, too. A few months after Louis Cartier died in the car accident, Jacques Cartier also died of alcoholism, due to the overwhelming mental pressure, for his elder brother’s death caused by him. . . . . .Pierre Cartier solemnly said to Jeanne Toussaint: "You are by no means a disaster star of Cartier. You are a lucky star of Cartier! Without you, there would be no new Cartier today....." ... W4dwbzAhXA
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Fourteen years later(in 1978), Jeanne Toussaint, with the Kingdom of Panthère de Cartier Replica( ... -c-16.html), which she had spare no effort to create for a lifetime, left the world without regret. . . . . .

The End
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