Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part II.

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Panthère de Cartier Replica & "Lady Panther" Part II.

Postby xym » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:15 am

Main Body Part II.

The Daughter of a Rich Merchant Abandoned the Business in Pursuit of Her Dream of Design

As a socialite, Jeanne Toussaint naturally and frequently communicated with the upper class. Unluckily, this child from a businessman's family, did not like to do business, but had a unique vision and talent for art design. Thanks to the connections, at that time, many famous popular painters and designers, such as Paul Erib and Christian Beral, made good friends with her. Jeanne Toussaint and the founder of Chanel, Miss Coco Chanel had also become intimate girlfriends. Later, Jeanne Toussaint grew up and then started her own independent life. She often designed and made handbags for socialites and business celebrities, and was slowly known in the design circle. ... SQw47zAhXB

Panthère de Cartier Ring Replica, in 18K Rose Gold Plated, Double Panther

Fell in Love with a Married Man

In 1911, Jeanne Toussaint and her girlfriend Coco Chanel, attended a dinner in a high society. At the dinner, Coco Chanel, as a middleman, introduced Jeanne Toussaint to Louis Cartier, the leader of Cartier jewelry at the time. Louis Cartier was decades older than Jeanne Toussaint, and the Cartier company he founded had already made some achievements that moment. This year he also completed his own marriage, although it was a commercial marriage, but his wife is still a girl from a respectable and cultured family. ... SQw9LzAhXB

Panthère de Cartier Ring Replica, in 18K Rose Gold Plated, Single Panther

To Be Continued
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