How to Get the Best Solar Deal in California?

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How to Get the Best Solar Deal in California?

Postby errohitbhardwaj » Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:01 pm

Today, there is no better state in U.S. for solar power than the sunny California. The state’s high cost of electricity and comparatively low solar prices, the sense of going solar in CA is quite high. Here are three ways to get the best deal in solar in California.

Get as many quotes as possible & compare the options: If you are thinking about installing solar panels for home, you should consider every option possible. Resources like California Solar Initiative and National Renewable Energy Laboratory offer pricing data that can be very helpful and there is a long list of companies in the state that even offer free quotes. Getting customized quotes from multiple pre-vetted solar installers and comparing their bids on an apples-to-apples basis is an easy way to find a good solar deal. Some high-quality solar contractors compete for the business and even offer lower prices to stay in the mix.
Largest installers may not offer the best price: Many large solar panel installation companies often introduce ‘biggest installer’ as superlatives in their sales pitches, but this may not mean that they offer the best value. Some companies are small local installers, and drop their prices at a more notable rate than any giant contractor in the industry. The rule is simple. Big installers have brand awareness and market share, as well. They do not require offering best prices and value. On the contrary, when small installers compete in the price auction, some of the lowest bids can be uncovered. With more than 2000 solar installers in the state of California, only a handful of large companies control more than half of the state’s market share. So, now you should question the company that you were thinking to go solar with.
Different products for different people: Not everyone needs to shop for the most expensive solar panels for home. There are different types of solar panels and batteries available in the market for different needs and preferences. All value-focused and price-oriented consumers can save thousands by simply choosing standard solar panels for home instead of premium top-of-the-line brands. Huge number of options are accessible online that offer a wide range of features and prices. You can check their quality, performance and warranty before signing up with a solar installer and ask for a free quote.

So, make sure you keep these tips in mind before choosing the best solar deal in California.

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