How to determine the time needed for vacuum pumping in refri

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How to determine the time needed for vacuum pumping in refri

Postby lay1014 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:49 am

How to determine the time needed for vacuum pumping in refrigeration system

In order to correctly use the vacuum pump in hand (such as the pumping rate of 1l / s) and make the pumping effect reach the vacuum degree required by the refrigeration system, it is necessary to correctly determine the pumping time of the pump.

The method is as follows: connect the pipeline, vacuum for 20min, and close the vacuum pressure gauge valve and stop valve. Disconnect the joint between the vacuum pressure gauge valve and the transparent nylon pipe, inject 2ml18 refrigerant oil from the pipe orifice, connect the transparent nylon pipe and the vacuum pressure gauge valve, and bend the transparent nylon pipe down as shown in the figure, so that the 18 refrigerant oil flows to the lowest place automatically, forming an oil column.

At this time, the vacuum pump is still running, slowly open the stop valve (note that it should prevent the refrigerant oil from entering the vacuum pump), and then slowly open the vacuum pressure gauge valve. At this time, the refrigerant oil flows rapidly to the direction of the pump. Because there is only 2ml of oil, it adheres to the pipe wall in the flow process, and then returns to form an oil column This process goes on and on. At the beginning, a number of small oil columns are formed. With the increase of the vacuum degree in the refrigeration system, the air flow decreases, and the oil column changes from small to large, from fast to slow. When the large oil column is to be formed, it will not move within 5min, and the vacuum pumping time used will be recorded, that is, the time required for the vacuum pumping of the vacuum pump in the future.


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