Using TrackStudio for time tracking

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Using TrackStudio for time tracking

Postby admin » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:39 pm

Time tracking is implemented in TrackStudio in the following way:

  • The user resolves a task and wants to specify it in the system. To do it, he creates a message of the resolve type, makes a tester a responsible person, adds a comment and specifies the time spent on the task (for instance, 1 hour and 20 minutes).
    That is only one form of approximately the following kind: ... essage.png

    When about to begin work on a task the task executor should select that task and click on the Create Message link. This will open the Message interface and automatically start the timer. The task executor should leave the timer running whilst he/she is working on that task. Whenever an interruption to that task takes place the task executor can pause the timer by pressing the Stop button. On resumption of the task the task executor should click on the Start button. When the task executor has completed activity on that task for the day he/she should click on the Set button. This will copy the elapsed time to
    the Actual Time boxes where, if necessary the hours and minutes may be
    edited. Next either the Save or the Save and go to the parent button should be pressed.
  • The tester tests it, adds a verify message and specifies his employee time (for instance, 40 minutes).
  • The manager takes a look at the task and sees the time of each developer, the total time of all developers (it is calculated automatically and displayed in the task header).
  • If the manager wants to see the time spent on the project, he just opens it and its header shows the total time spent on all subtasks in the project.
  • If the manager wants to view statistics (for instance, how much time the developers spent on high-priority tasks last week, what project took most time last year, how much time has been spent on testing tasks), it is possible to build a report and all information will be displayed in any form (MS Word/csv/text/html/pdf/etc.) with diagrams. Note that the time of all developers is not summed up in one field, but you can calculate time for each person and each message type (verify/close/resolve/etc.).
  • If the manager wants to get statistics on a regular basis, it is possible to receive (for instance) the list of hours added by the developers every day at 6 PM.
  • The manager can set "Budgeted Time" for each task or project and then search for tasks (or get special notification) if the budgeted time is exceeded.
  • It is possible to specify for each user for which projects he can view/edit the specified time and for which not.
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