Distribution Report

Distribution report displays the distribution of given characteristic of tasks into one or two attributes. For example, number of tasks, created by a particular user depending upon the status of task. Or distribution of budgets for tasks of different type.

Distribution report can be generated in the formats HTML, PDF, Excel and Word, and it can have the pie chart.

Grouping of data may be done for fields: Submitter, Task, State, Assignee, Priority, Resolution, Submitter role, Assignee role, and also for custom user fields. Distribution report handles numerical data. You can generate report on: distribution of tasks as per groups, distribution of budget, number of operations, time spent and number of sub-tasks (e.g. if we are talking about projects). You can apply the functions like maximum, minimum, average and total to these data.

The above shown report represents the distribution of tasks as per submitters and assignees in some abstract task management system.